we do it all ourselves.


Designed and manufactured by us, in Europe. Bringing technology to furniture to help you maximize one of your most valuable assets, space.


The PARAGON Table is the brain-child of a former SpaceX and Boeing engineer. This table is engineered to be lightweight and ultra-strong, using aerospace-grade materials.


Building each table ourselves gives us 100% control over quality. We create good jobs and implement as many eco-friendly processes as possible.


Salvador Climent Paragon Technologies

Salvador Climent Co-founder & CEO

I am from Spain and have worked in the U.S. for over 13 years as an aerospace engineer for Boeing and SpaceX. Currently, I live in Spain with my wife and two young children. We started Paragon because with our unique skillsets we believe we can make a difference, from designing better products and implementing new technologies, to caring for the environment and providing good, local jobs. 

Cherie Climent Paragon Technologies

Cherie Climent Co-founder & COO

Having grown up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the U.S.,  I developed an appreciation for nature. I studied Environmental Science and have a degree in Environmental Law. I am deeply committed to creating a sustainable company. My goal is to get Paragon to a net zero carbon emissions company as soon as possible and to provide our customers with the most eco-friendly and multi-functional furniture on the market. 

Alberto Serrano Paragon Technologies

Alberto Serrano Systems Director

As an engineer passionate about the world of electronics, I always try to rethink everything I have around me. I think it is the only way to change the status quo. The Paragon Table is an ultimate expression of technology and sustainability, the two pillars on which the future should be based. Be part of the revolution!

Live large in any floor plan.  We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or quality simply because you have limited space. That is why we created the PARAGON Table. 

Never lift, pull, carry, or store table pieces or chairs again. Simply push a button and watch your coffee table transform automatically into your 4-person dining set.